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The Browser Snapshot Tool

Capture webpages

Edit images

Share easily

Welcome to qSnap!

Get more out of your screen captures!

100% Browser Based – 100% Free – 100% Awesome

Capture Single or Multiple Webpages

  • With a simple click “snap” a shot of a webpage
  • Continue to click if you have multiple webpages to capture
  • qSnap stores snapshots to your tray for editing

Edit Images

  • Edit your snapshots with the built-in annotation tools
  • Create a rich digital dialogue through your notes

Share/Save Your Snapshots

  • Save your snapshots locally
  • With a free qSnap account you can:
    • Store your snapshots on our free hosting service
    • Share a link to your snaps to Twitter, Facebook, G+
    • Email your snapshots or links


About Us

qSnap is brought to you by the software loving team at QASymphony, leading provider of testing and quality software solutions that address the real world challenges faced by today’s testers and QA teams. Our test management and agile testing solutions are providing benefits to companies such as Zappos, Compuware, Silverpop and Autotrader.

Our passion for software development gave rise to qSnap, a ground breaking productivity tool that benefits everyone, not just testers. So we are happy to share it with you.

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, QASymphony is a software company built to revolutionize how software is tested, adopted, and supported. www.qasymphony.com